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What To Do If You Haven't Hit Your First 20K Month Yet | Luisa Zhou

Episode Notes

Hey so if you’re like me…

Sometimes it’s hard to find that ONE thing to focus on.

Especially when it comes to your marketing.

Well my guest today (Luisa Zhou) built her first 6 figure business WHILE working full time.

How’d she do it?

Well she worked on the most critical, ONE thing every day.

Wanna hear what that was?

Here's a sneak peek.

Here’s what we talk about on the show today.

**What to do if you only had 30 minutes a DAY to scale your business. If you’ve struggled with what to focus on FIRST, you need to hear this.

**The two big reasons why freelancers & coaches can’t scale past $20K months.

**How to DE-commoditize yourself when there’s a thousand other people selling the same things you.


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