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The 2,700-Day Email Experiment: Daily Emails Bonanza (with Marc Mawhinney) Mar

Episode Notes

How Do You Send Daily Emails for More Sales and Fiercely Loyal Fans?

In this episode of "Email List Profit Secrets," your host Jules Dan I'm joined by Mark MaWhinney, to unveil the ultimate strategy for achieving just that. Mark helps coaches earn consistent $10K months without paid ads or cold outreach...and HIS primary lead channel is email.

So today we'll unpack his 'The 2,700-Day Email Experiment'

🚀 Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs: Discover how Mark overcame objections, including fear of offending, to embark on a 2,700-day daily email journey.

🎁 Balancing Entertainment and Value: Learn why Mark rewards subscribers with engaging content, golden nuggets, and enticing offers in every email.

🌪️ Unfiltered Authenticity: Find out how letting your personality shine and pushing the boundaries can help you chase away the wrong crowd and attract your ideal clients.

💥 Embrace Capitalism: Understand why boldly expressing your beliefs and opinions can deepen your connection with the right audience.


Mark Mawhinney's Facebook Group - The Coaching Jungle



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