Email List Profit Secrets

Sales Calls No-Shows? You need to implement this email sequence ASAP!

Episode Notes

I was on the phone with my clients sales guy.

'So Damien.. How many people show up to calls?.

...About 50%'


Look, if you're paying for calls and people aren't showing up to those calls. You better do everything you can in your power to make sure those people turn up to those calls.

The trouble is...people are skeptical AF

You can show them case studies, you can tell them emotional stories...

But they don't know you.

So what else can you do to tap into your prospects heads and make them want to attend the sales call?

Well you need to implement this secret show up email sequence I invented.

If you sell high ticket programs over the phone, you're in for a treat in today's episode.

I reveal how to slash no shows and people ghosting you on sales calls.

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