Email List Profit Secrets

Sales Call Hack - Listen Out For This From Your Customers

Episode Notes

The weirdest thing happened this last week.

I slightly changed my offer and saw a complete 180 in how people responded (for the better!).

The next step?

Selling them on my new offer, email list management...

Even when I don't have many 'email list management case studies'...

I had the advantage of speaking with one my new list management clients before another sales call.

And the intel he gave me was priceless...

So today I share with you  an easy win you pull off to close more sales over the phone with new clients.

P.S Oh UPDATE! To date I've generated over $10.5 MILLION DOLLARS in client results the last 2.5 years with direct response marketing...

And so I've created a YouTube channel where I distill my lessons, experience and findings into bite-sized content.

So if you're interested in discovering how to:

**Get more customers.

**Make more per customer

**And keep them coning back with the power of the pen.

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